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Who We Are


Would you know what to do with a Unicorn if you ever encountered one? They are magical, ephemeral, and exotic. And that’s what it might feel like when you meet your first Transgender/Trans/TS/T·Girl.

Once upon a time ago, a legendary 4 story nightclub was the epicenter of the Transgender nightlife in the United States. “DIVAS” was the premiere nightclub & bar.

Due to the many changes of the times, it closed its doors. But the girls banded together. Reflective of their innate resiliency and sisterhood, “The Divas Darlings” wanted to continue performing–for each other, their patrons, friends, and admirers they met throughout the years.

The Divas Darlings is a collective of Transgender/Trans/TS/T·girls who represent the community. After the many changes of the past years, they are unapologetically back. Securing lush and luxurious venues to enjoy the magic that only true Unicorns can provide.

Would you like to experience a bit of the magic? Follow us. We welcome you to fully #BECURIOUS.

“Where every T·girl fantasy comes to life. We’re back. We’ve missed YOU!” – The Divas Darlings


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